Come and discover our llamas!


Family and themed walks, day hikes, gentle hikes, hikes over several days, always accompanied by Sylvie to reassure llamas and walkers.

Companion animal

Lamatherapy or how llamas help to grow

Discover an atypical animal and its universe through hiking. Discover the natural and built heritage. 

Set up an individual and/or group activity allowing the maintenance and the psychic and motor development of the person.


The llamas help us keep the landscapes open on the estate and slow down the flourishing progression of vegetation. They are very useful in this function and love the plants present on the property except for a few that we have to contain ourselves. They are excellent allies.


Birthdays, weddings, parties: individuals, associative or professional structures... if you have any suggestions, desires, do not hesitate to let us know. We study all proposals adapted to the possibilities of the animals.

Association for helping and promoting the person accompanied by the animal was born from the passion for the knowledge of animals and the love for hiking adapted to the rhythm of each and in a friendly atmosphere, the attention paid to children and people in difficulty. The association offers several facets of activities that all have a link: us, the animals, nature and society.

Idea, initially family, llamas have established themselves as atypical but endearing and very effective animals to accompany the physical and moral path of a person.

Meet our llamas

Patillu (le vétéran)

Castrated male llama, born in
Lama said classic black and white
Sweet, shy and full of early retirement rheumatism.


Madjaï (sauvetage)

Castrated male llama, born in
Llama called classic brown with socks and white spots on the head
Fiery, fearful, impetuous and runaway but very endearing, very good hiker

Arri (sauvetage)

Castrated male llama, born in 2017
Semi-wooled white llama (a few brown spots invisible if not shorn).
Gentle, dominant in the herd, shy, good hiker.

Hold-up du Chevalier

Stallion male, born in 2017
Lama woolly, gray, brown with a fine white stain on the mouth, it is very robust and large.
Extremely soft, very stable, very accustomed to humans.

Lisbonne du Chevalier

Female born in 2021
Heavily woolly llama, beige cream
Extremely soft, very stable, very accustomed to humans.

Paprika de Lafayette

Female born in 2021
Llama silky, russet brown, chocolate head
Extremely gentle, stable, very smart and clever, docile.

Atypic d’Acatama

Female born in 2021
Lama woolen, white and beige
Extremely gentle, stable, in training, independent, docile.

Silène du Krefft

Female born in 2021
Llama suri, light brown
Extremely soft (it will arrive at the end of August)